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Roulette Systems do NOT work, period. Our Roulette Software does!

Hi there,
My name`s Andy Veerhoven and i am no doctor nor a selfmade claimed millionaire. However i drive a nice Porsche 911 and have a different take from the crowd on how a perfect life should be lived . Im not going to brag about how much i`ve earned, i simply let you take a glimpse.

Checkout my Lifestyle winning at online roulette gambling Luxury Lifestyle online casino gambling


"Im Andy Veerhoven and i make a fantastic living robbing online casinos (in the legal sense)"


But actually its so easy it feels just like robbing candy from a baby. End of the year 2007 il probably have spared enough to buy me this huge 220 qm appartment ive been dreaming off. I do NOT claim to make millions each year but a few thousands (sometimes 15,000 USD a month ) are not bad either, don`t you think?

So how do i do it? I simply use my own programmed Roulette Software to show me EXACTLY on what combinations to bet. This roulette software is designed to win online european roulette wheel. Its just as simple as it sounds.. Watching the game for awhile , putting the live data gathered from the past 10 spins into the software, hitting the "calculate" button and VOILA following the softwares instructions for the next bet. Sounds simple and is simple. Still the development off this baby was.... i would say almost insane. Months of failitures, testing data, planning and real life casino trips have been necessary to come up with this program.


Jaap, Belgium

I was sceptical at first, but i'm quite impressed now!
Roulettekiller has cleared out my financial debt of $8500 within 4 months!
I desperately tried so many ways to earn money on the internet, and this is really the only one that works as described! UNBELIEVABLE!! Thank you Andy!

Jaap, Belgium

Ive tried every casino System out there. Not a SINGLE one worked!

Martingale strategies, reversed progression.. jesus what bullshit. It all comes down to a good betting strategy following a proven path and bankroll managment.

if you can master that you WILL walk away with profits regularly. you need to be smarter than the masses! If everyone is a sheep, you need to be the wolve. (apply those wise words to your living aswell)


..The Roulette Killer software in action ...

2100 USD Profit!


...Click on the "Play" Button to see me make a nice Profit of 2,100 usd in just 4 minutes...


Albert Einstein said that the only way to win at Roulette table is to steal the money from it.

This Old Geezer was so damn wrong!

To Mr Einsteins defense.. he had no powerful Computer hardware to experiment with in the first place. Besides his theories are based on real life casino. We are talking about MD5 randomizer software used by the online casinos. And those systems have flaws that we reclessly exploit.


Frank Germany

Hi Andy!
I must say I am impressed.. first I thought this might be some other rip off as so many other pruducts out there but nope this one did indeed work for me. Now it's the second week I use it and I cashed in a couple of thousands, well it's not more since I switched server once in a while not to get the gamble companies (I've tried 4) suspicious. Everything seems to be foolproof as also a couple of my buddies are now using it and they are not quite the experts when it comes to using some computer tools if you know what I mean. What I wonder is how long this will last? I mean you know when the gamble society takes note that they are losing money they will change their software and then your program becomes useless or not? Well.. I hope not but then again I cashed the cow :)

Frank, Germany


1.) Simplicity

Unlike so called "Roulette Systems" I`d like to keep things simple. As you can see theres not much to do in the software apart from feeding it with data.. The goal here is raking in cash and there should be a proven and tested way to do it. What good are parameters to set if they mess up the money making mechanics?

3 easy steps to beat online roulette and rake in tons of cash

Step 1 - Spin Roulette Wheel           Step 2 - Bet on Roulette Software Suggestion
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Step 3 - Win at Roulette Table                          Step 4 -take away Roulette winnings
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2.) Algorithms

The software calculates over 100 factors in the background, filters them and spits out the most accurate prediction. Unlike real casino trips mk5 randomizers have certain weeknesses and believe it or not.. some nr combinations come out more often than others. Backtested data & more important results show this.


..The Roulette Killer does it again for me...

11,000 USD Profit!!

in 5 minutes

...That evening ive rewarded myself and bought a huge new Philips Amblilight Lcd Tv.. heck hard working people like me need to get candy sometimes :D ...

3.) Results

I am living my dreamlife. Im giving you instructions on how to use the software even BEFORE you decited to purchase it. Im showing you UNCUT and REALvideos of me earning thousands of dollars (unlike those pathetic plays of the competition claiming to earn thousands when they play with 15 bucks ROTFL) , jesus i even show you the stuff ive BOUGHT from those earnings ??

I want it Andy, take me to the download NOW!

Still questions? Read below and please don`t bother me with mails that ask the same questions over again. I bet you will not like my response (should you get any that is)


Patricia New Zealand

I tried countless online businesses and mlm systems before. Nothing worked and i really put alot of effort into it. Who would have tought that playing Roulette online could yield so much money?? I`m playing now since a few months and im well in the five figure zone!! This is the holy grail i`ve been searching for!

Patricia, New Zealand

Frequently asked Questions

Q: So, Andy, why are you selling this cashcow now?

A: Its, Simple. To earn more money. Altough the program lets me rake in big chunks each month it wont transfrom me into a millionaire in just a year. Selling my program to other golddiggers will add to the revenue. Besides it does not harm me because the gambling industry is even bigger than the porn industry.. a few thousands of people making money consistently will never be noticed.

Q: Why should i buy your Software Andy? You dont seem to be a Dr. like the other roulette system sites admins are?

A: LOL.... oh and LOL again. I have to admit it.. you caught me.. i am NO certified casino doctor (show me the courses in university that teach that and i might give it a try) . If you feel uncomfortable buying something from me here for gods sake please don`t. In all honesty i wrote this text up on the fly (probably still some typos in it) and i wont force anybody towards his luck. No hard feelings dude :)

Q: I`m from the USA. Can i still use your software legally?

A: I`m no lawyer so i can`t tell for sure. However there are many online casinos out there that accept american gamblers. It seems they are offshore so it shouldn`t be a problem at all :)

Q: How old is your Software Andy?

A:Its actually BRAND new! Just browse the web, you won`t find anybody else selling it. (And if someone does mail me instantly so i can sue the bastard) . Seriously, we (and we is me, the system developer and Dimitri the programmer) spent around 2 years building this baby up and released it just now.

Q:How much am i going to make when using your software Andy?

A: It depends on your risk tolerance. You need to split up your available cash into portions and calculate some loosing days in aswell. The big picture is the only thing that counts.. MONTHLY profit. I average between 3 - 15,000 usd a month. Dimitri is a more conservative player and makes around 3- 5k / month. From our relatives & friends people average from 300 bucks a month ( my ultra conservative mother ) to uncle Phillip (name changed to protect his privacy, was his wish) (20k last month but he has a heck of a huge bankroll). As you noticed everybody is playing now . Our own family business.

Q: But Andy.. where are my BONUSES?

A: Bonuses? .. Ah you mean those *ironic mode on* super secret additional technics Books like "Beat the Wheel Online" or "Craps Winning Strategies" worth hundreds of dollars *ironic mode off* other admins pack into their offers? Ive choosen not to add junkbooks to my software that can be gotten for free with some download programs .. as to not lower the value of my software + not to make you loose any money trying out strategies that dont work. Besides have you tought why a seller of a winning proven casino system should add other systems?? If the system is working then why adding other strategies to the offer?.. If the system is working... yeah..

Q:But Andy..

A: Ah quit it :) Ive answered all your questions. Down there is the Download link. You will be able to use the software instantly and by your next meal you will be already smiling like you just had sex for the first time.


Besides... what do you have to lose? the 49.45 Bucks we charge for the Software? Thats where my personal Guarantee comes into place


George England


Andy.. my dear dear friend, i beg you .. STOP SELLING THIS!! Its marvellous.. its breathtaking, absoluteley unbelievable.. this is IT! Ive never made such ammounts of money. And i am living my dream now aswell.

I hope it keeps going like this altough i fear casinos will sooner or later have to change their formula.. this looks almost like a security hole to me? Because when you bet ....(cut out) ....

.....Anyways I keep playing and won`t question my fortune any further .... Best wishes and god bless you!

George, England

guarantee100% malware free


Play with the Software 56 days.. (8 weeks) better said, EARN 56 days with this yewel. if you are NOT in profit or for whatever reason find it to tiresome to play a couple of hours each day to rake in alot of money i will personally issue you a Full Refund. No questions asked and no whining. (Just me thinking you have been to dumb to follow simple 3 step instructions but oh my..)

Oh and you can keep the software

See? It`s ME trusting YOU on the matter.


How about downloading the Roulette Killer Software straight away and start making money within 10 minutes?

Over 100 probability calculations done per spin

New algorithms, predict the tables next Spin

Based on over 8 years of gathered data

Exploits MD5 randomizer software weaknesses

Over 2 years in development

Polished bug free product

100% spyware and virus free

RouletteKiller package

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order the roulettekiller software
Play from the comfort of your home and gain financial freedom the way you always dreamed about.

Download Roulette Killer Software now
Download Roulette Killer Software now
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Download your Roulette Killer V1.0 Now for only 169 USD , 69USD no for just
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This my friend is a NO-Brainer. A way to earn a steady 1000- 15,000 usd a month for the cost of a meal & a coke ??? With a full money back guarantee shouldn`t you be able to use the step by step instructions? I think i must have gone insane.

Rest assured, I will offer this deal for a limited time only. I want to give everyone the chance for real financial freedom. Im not going to place any automatic timers telling you that this deal might expire in 2 or 1 days or maybe 12 hours. It depends on my mood and the sales. But if it keeps going like that i have to drastically increase the pricing in order to limit the spreading of this cashmaker. I don`t know what happens if suddenly casino developers mess with their randomizer software.


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